Arthur ryan primark leadership of contradictions management essay

Primark chief executive Arthur Ryan to step down

This essay will be presented in three main parts, short background review of the company and Mr Ryan, in-depth literature review of the mentioned leadership theory and finally critical analysis of the case study in respect to the Theory discussed. New look planned to get listed on the London stock exchange.

Furthermore Transformational leaders motivate and empower followers to achieve performance beyond expectations by transforming there attitudes, beliefs and values Bass, It is pursuing cost leadership as it offers fashionable clothing at very affordable prices.

Ahmed, In the Primark effective business show, that the first Primark t store was opened in Dublin, Ireland. As argued above it appears that Mr Ryan leadership style is based on exchange hence transactional, a good example would be his bonus scheme which include given valued employees flowers at Christmas, books or short breaks to reward good performance business.

This ambiguity can be partly addressed by the various leadership theories. Transformational leaders are admired and trusted by followers, they, in some respect, role models to there followers Bass, Jung, He tries to visit each store every fortnight.

POLITICAL Primarks operations are subject to government policies and regulations such as tax policies, employment laws, environmental regulations, trade restriction, tariffs and political stability which affect the business costs. Conclusion There is no doubt that Mr Ryan is a shrewd business men that understood the market and have lead Primark to a great success, however there are strong reservations of the sustainability and further growth of the company success.

Furthermore transactional leaders use contingent reward behaviour which includes providing recognition to subordinates, this type of behaviour is usually a more personal and may involve transformational leadership as well as transactional one.

Marketing Plan For Primark

Legal Factors The government regularly change laws in line with political polices thus causing businesses to respond to changes in legal framework. There are no explicit indication of lack of integrity in Mr. The company sources the manufacturing of its clothes to developing countries like India which have cheap labour.

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History and analysis of primark stores

His competitive strategy can be described as cost leadership which is gain through optimising supply chain, bulk purchasing and running a very lean operation. Most businesses tend to pass this cost to final consumers but primark keeps their overhead cost very low in order for them to sell to customers at a cheap price.

Transformational leaders inspire followers to set aside personal interests, to some extent, in favour of the collective or team purpose. Although greatly respected for his achievements at Primark, the Dublin-born Ryan, who is years-old, is a little-known figure in the City.

Research has found that Subordinate satisfaction, motivation, and performance can all be positively correlated to transformational leadership Bass, There are a number of limitations to the above analysis.

Since the start of the decade Primark has raced ahead of the fashion pack by pioneering "cheap chic".Primark was originated and directed by the name of Mr. Arthur Ryan.

Moreover, Primark was extended to nation crosswise over Europe and America. In April the latest store was opened in Italy. The Primark has 60, staff individuals and haveutilized by.

The purpose of this essay is to review, appraise and apply current leadership theories to the business case of retail magnet Arthur Ryan. Throughout this essay we will examine and evaluate the leadership style of Mr Ryan. Arthur Ryan Primark Leadership Of Contradictions Management Essay The purpose of this essay is to review, appraise and apply current leadership theories to the business case of retail magnet Arthur Ryan.

Arthur Ryan, managing director and chairman, Primark 10 December While has witnessed the demise of a string of value retailers, Arthur Ryan’s unstoppable Primark chain has been the dominant force on the high street. He has overseen the growth of one of the UK's most successful retail concepts of the modern era, but Arthur Ryan, the chief executive of Primark, will step down after 40 years in the job.

Arthur Ryan, the septuagenarian founder of Primark, has relinquished his chief executive duties after a year reign that saw him mastermind the creation of a retailing giant with sales of more.

Arthur ryan primark leadership of contradictions management essay
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